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12/14/11: Tom Horn on Forbidden Gates, Artificial Biology, Nephilim, Ancient Elites, and Beyond Genes

Forbidden Gates

Forbidden Gates

1st hour: Forbidden Gates and Artificial Biology
Guest: Tom Horn, Co-Author of Forbidden Gates
Hour 1 audio:

2nd hour: Nephilim, Ancient Elites and Beyond Genes
Guest: Tom Horn, Author of Days of Noah and Apollyon Rising 2012
Hour 2 audio:

Have you ever wished you could be different than you are? Perhaps you’ve wanted to jump higher, run faster, or look different. Or maybe you wish you could concentrate better, remember more or perceive more than you already do. Though this kind of wish-fulfillment has long-been the building blocks of fiction writers, it is increasingly becoming possible through the efforts of modern technology. But is artificially tampering with our natural state beneficial in the long run? Or is it as dangerous as many of these writers have speculated?

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