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8/8/12 – Dr. Hildy™: The Art and Sciences Of The God Particle, Guests Rick Dubov and Josh Mudge

The Art and Sciences of the God Particle

Patterns of Light

Patterns of Light

CREATION through Art and the validation through Science
and how did the Terra-ness of us all begin. 

Dr. Hildy™ welcomes Artist Rick Dubov
and  Joshua Mudge

OneCellOneLight™Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Wednesday, August 8, 2012 – 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
(2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)


(Hours 1 and 2 Audios linked separately below.)

CLICK Here to Listen Live and for the archives after the show date:–art-and-sciences-of-the-god-particle


This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy™ welcomes back to the first hour of the show artist Rick Dubov, as they discuss the Higgs boson and its role in the creation of the universe. Since the Higgs particle is theorized as creating the energy that creates mass on a molecular level, one could theorize that all of existence originated with this one particle. This theory, and Leon Lederman’s 1993 book, have lead many to refer to the Higgs boson as the “God particle”.  Furthering their discussion on the Higgs, Dr. Hildy™ and Mr. Dubov will discuss the concept of our link to stars.  

Listen to HOUR 1 – Dr. Hildy and Rick Dubov and our LINK TO THE STARS – The God Particle

Tissue-Engineered Jellyfish

Tissue-Engineered Jellyfish


In the second hour of the show, Dr. Hildy™’s discussion of particles will shift gears a bit as she welcomes Joshua Mudge, Applications of Electricity, to talk about the inventions of scientist Nikola Tesla, one of the preeminent and misunderstood minds of all time.

Listen to Hour 2 – Dr. Hildy and Joshua Mudge – Inventions of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla (Antony Zito, 2012)

Nikola Tesla, (Antony Zito, 2012.)

Born in Austria in 1856, Tesla was an important contributor to the use of commercial electricity, and is best known for his contributions to the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system. Tesla’s patents and theoretical work also formed the basis of wireless communication and the radio. However, Tesla’s most famous inventions are also his most theoretical, one such being a directed-energy weapon, a version of which is currently in development by Navy scientists. Read the rest of this entry

7/06/12 – Dr. Hildy™ Presents: Sounds Of The Universe through DNA and Cellular Linguistics

Sounds of the Universe
DNA and Cellular Linguistics

"Everything Is Energy..."

“Everything Is Energy…”

“Everything Is Energy, And That’s All There Is To It. Match The Frequency Of The Reality You Want And You Cannot Help But Get That Reality.  
It Can Be No Other Way.
This Is Not Philosophy.  This Is Physics.”

Since the dawn of people, humans have developed methods of communicating with each other. Whether it be simple points and grunts of cavemen both ancient and modern, or the extremely complex written Chinese language, of which a lifetime can be spent learning each character, we have always sought ways to make ourselves heard in a clear and concise way. But did humans develop language, or has it always been present in our genetic makeup?

  Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™ Presents:

OneCellOneLight™Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Wednesday, July 6, 2012 – 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
(2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)
CLICK HERE to listen to the full two-hours:–dr-hildy-sounds-of-the-universe–dna-linguistics

For your downloading convenience:

(Second Hour we will have call-in guests who have experienced the ARC-GH1)

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy will host a discussion on DNA and cellular linguistics, educating listeners on the way cells communicate with each other on a microscopic level.



Cellular linguistics is defined as when a cell speaks to other cells in a specific code that is measured by the amount of phonons and photons sent through the extra-cellular fluid matrix and the internal cellular matrix. This process stimulates not only enzyme and protein reactions that create the mechanisms of creation and repair, but generate the initial unity within to create a core resonance field of a biosystem that will then allow matter to form.Each and every one of us began as a single cell – the egg. The egg receives its messages from the internal transmissions of sound and light. The signals vary in location of the DNA template and the actions of the egg’s enzymes to make you – and all others different. Aristotle asked the question, “Do all parts of the embryo come into existence together Read the rest of this entry

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One Cell One Light

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