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WHO AGENCY INCLUDES GLYPHOSATE IN ‘Probably Carcinogenic to Humans’ – IARC Monographs Volume 112: evaluation of five organophosphate insecticides and herbicides .pdf

THE FIRST STORIES ARE FROM PRESENT back to 1/18/15==Please scroll down for stories from 2010 to 2013 – missing year will be filled in as time permits.

*Known and Probable Human Carcinogens – FINALLY – AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY- updated w/GLYPHOSATE – 3-26-15
*These Toxic Chemicals Found to ‘Wreck Your Hormones’$170 Billion Spent Managing Exposure in EU

*76 PAGE DOCUMENT – Endocrine Society
*Estimating Burden and Disease Costs of Exposure to
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union

*Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors During Pregnancy Affects Brain Two Generations Later
*Health News – Prenatal Exposure to Common Air Pollutants Linked to Cognitive and Behavioral Impairment
*U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents On “Civilian Population”
*Researchers Aim to Broaden Understanding of How Toxins Affect the Body
*Researchers Conclude Wireless Radiation Causes Cancer After Latest Scientific Findings – Cell Phones, WiFi in any mode
*Why Toxic Schools May Not Just Be Malibu’s Problem
*Pesticides in Mississippi air and rain: A comparison between 1995 and 2007
*Ex Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Comes Clean, Reveals Horrors of Western Medicine
*Sublethal Exposure to Commercial Formulations of the Herbicides Dicamba, 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid, and Glyphosate Cause
*These are the top 5 deadliest substances on Earth – ScienceAlert
*Top 5 Deadliest Substances on Earth – YouTube
*Why I’m NOT buying plants from Home Depot or Lowes
*Top gov’t. scientists say no to vaccines for their kids
*Dangerous side effect of popular antibiotic – AOL.com
*Lobbyist claims Monsanto weed killer is safe to drink, then bolts when TV host offers him a glass
*Monsanto Sued for Dumping Carcinogenic Chemicals | Natural Society
*Malathion ‘probably carcinogenic’ to humans, WHO agency concludes – Manitoba – CBC News
*Roundup antibiotic resistance – Popular Weedkiller Tied to Antibiotic Resistance
*Roundup Chemical Doubles Your Risk of Lymphoma
*Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here Is Why! –
*Invisible Monsters in Your Pets Bowls
*Research: Bisphenol A (BPA) Causes 100x More Harm Than Previously Imagined
*24,000 Chemicals May be Tainting Your Bottled Water *Alert: Microwave Ovens Throw Them Away Fast! | Health
*Alarming Report Links Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Autism, ADHD, lower IQ and Obesity » EcoWatch
*Stockton Smart Meters Explode After Truck Causes Power Surge « CBS Sacramento
*Bogus Math = Health Risks Hidden | . . .Siskiyou Keeps Analog Meters. . .
*Smart Meter Scandal in California? Emails Reveal CPUC May Have Known and Concealed Health Risks and Other Problems
*Processed Foods Indisputably Linked To Auto-Immune Disease | RiseEarth
*Your Canned Tuna Has a Dirty Secret | TakePart
*Dunkin’ Donuts Gets Rid of Sunscreen Chemical in Powdered Topping | TakePart
*Health Impacts of Sunscreen Found to be Worse Than UV Damage! | Wake Up World
*Level of pollutants accumulated in the body linked to obesity levels — ScienceDaily
*Widely Used Food Additives Promotes Colitis, Obesity And *Metabolic Syndrome, Shows Study Of Emulsifiers | MyScienceAcademy
*100% of Corn in Frito-Lays SunChips is ‘Completely GMO’ +weed killer chemical
*Six Neurotoxic Industrial Chemicals Linked to Rise In Brain Disorders – PsyBlog
*Lead and cadmium metals in chocolate: Hershey and Mars face lawsuit
*What’s really in that cup of hot chocolate | AOL Features
*New—and Worrisome—Contaminants Emerge From Oil and Gas Wells

*Number of Chemicals Known To Be Toxic To Children’s Brains Has Doubled In The Last 7 years


*Biofilm Formation in Staphylococcus aureus following sublethal exposure to TRICLOSAN .pdf
*TRICLOSAN Resistance of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – A Triclosan-Resistant Enoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Reductase – .pdf
*The Scary Truth about Flame Retardants
*House Votes To Increase Asbestos Claim Disclosures
*Understanding The Dangers of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs | Wake Up World
*Azodicarbonamide – This Ingredient Is Found In Most Cereals, Breads, But It’s Also Found In Foamed Plastics and Rubber Too – Underground Health
*Proctor and Gamble to Eliminate Triclosan from Its Products by 2014 – DAWN Dishwashing Soap, etc.
*Researchers Assess the Impacts of Living in a Chemical Soup » EcoWatch
*‘Unacceptable Levels’ of Chemical Toxins in Our Lives Exposed in New Film
*Mosquito Spraying Ineffective and Toxic to Wildlife and Humans » EcoWatch
*AZM Reign of Poisoning Ends | Earthjustice
*Tylenol:  “Doctor’s Choice” Pain Reliever Is a Leading Cause of Poisoning Worldwide
*Over 24,000 Chemicals In Bottled Water: Which Ones Are Harming You? 
*PLOS ONE: Identification of Putative Steroid Receptor Antagonists in Bottled Water: Combining Bioassays and High-Resolution Ma
*Study Finds Cancer-Causing Chemical in Nearly 100 Shampoos and Soaps » EcoWatch
*Food Labs Use An Average of 2000 Chemicals To Create 500 ‘Natural Flavors’ You Would Never Suspect Are Artificial
*Report: Tap water contains “probable human carcinogens” in all tests – Underground Health
*“Exposed to 200 Chemicals Per Day”: How Everyday Products Poison Us
*800 Million Pounds of Pesticides Can’t be Washed Off | Natural Society
*Beaver Secretion Used As Food Additive
*Food Irradiation Supports Agribusiness, Harms Health | GreenMedInfo
*Arsenic in Apple Juice: How This Popular Children’s Drink Could Be Harming Their Health (and What You Can Do About It)
*Toxic cloud of tar sands waste travels from Detroit to Canada — RT USA

*AMA Responds to Radioactive Seafood, FFAN Urges FDA Action NOW) | Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN)
Trash talk and the real dirt on a ‘toxic tour’ of Los Angeles – LA Times
*Toxic Chicken: USDA Allowing 2 More Dangerous Chemicals to Poultry Processing | RiseEarth

*Hidden Truth about Aspirin | RiseEarth
*Formaldehyde in Your Home
*EPA to allow the consumption of toxic fracking wastewater by wildlife and livestock – Sott.net
*Beware the Ice Cream Truck – The Toxic Ingredients in Soft Serve Ice Cream – Waking Times

*PreventDisease.com – MSG Lurks As A Slow Poison In Common Food Items Without Your Knowledge
*Aspirin and ibuprofen proven to cause heart attacks | Natural Health 365
*Toxic Air Fresheners – The Scent of Danger in the Air
*CDC – Pesticide Illness & Injury Surveillance – NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic

*What’s On My Food? :: Pesticides On Food
*Which Chemicals in Your Home Are Toxic? EPA Doesn’t Know!
*Mycotoxins: The Hidden Hormone Danger In Our Food Supply | World Truth.TV
*Triclosan, A Chemical Used in Antibacterial Soaps, is Found to Impair Muscle Function | Science | Smithsonian
*Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases”
*Air Pollution From Traffic Linked With Childhood Cancer
*CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride | World Truth.TV
*The food industry Viral meat spray
*Bisphenol A: BPA additive blocks cell function — ScienceDaily
*Is Red Food Dye #40 Driving Your Child Crazy?
New COncerns Over Lead Exposure
*Is There Lead in Your Lipstick? » EcoWatch
*Lead and IQ: Toxic effects and tau protein – Ezine – spectroscopyNOW.com
*Brominated Battle: Soda Chemical Has Cloudy Health History – Scientific American
*Samuel S. Epstein: The Dangers of Triclosan: A Common Anti-Bacterial Ingredient
*Mercury Levels in Tuna ‘Higher than Ever’ – Limit Consumption to Reduce Mercury Exposure, Poisoning
*Experts Call For Nationwide BPA Ban Over Hazardous Effects | Natural Society
*Paper money worldwide contains bisphenol A — ScienceDaily
*Two Nasty Chemicals to Purge from Your Bathroom: Triclosan & Phthalates
*Common Herbicide May Increase Risk of Rare and Dangerous Disorder in Infants
*Arsenic In Your Rice? Isn’t That…Dangerous?
*Chemical Used in Teflon & Linked to Heart Disease | Natural Society

*Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride
*Modern-day wheat is a ‘chronic poison,’ says doctor
*False Data Justifies Spraying Sulfuric Aerosols to Save the Arctic Ice-Sheets
*New Study Reveals Children Are Being Poisoned by Common School Supplies
*Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals in Face Makeup

*Foods with Artificial Colors Required to Have Warning Label in EU | Natural Society
*Pollutants Mucking With Food Production : Discovery News
*Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations:
Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of altered stress responses
*Chemical industry distorts science – Chicago Tribune -Flame Retardants
*Foods that Contain the Highest Amount of Pesticides | Wake Up World
*How Chemicals Change Us – NYTimes.com
*Study Finds Arsenic in Baby Formula And Cereal Bars | Care2 Causes
*Is new form of pesticide to blame for catastrophic decline in honey bees? | Daily Mail Online
*THE RESEARCHER:  Carol Van Strum Author:  A Bitter Fog (and much more!)
carol van strum book agent orange – Google Search
*2-4,D – ‘Superweeds’ Revive an Old, Highly Toxic Herbicide | Mother Jones
*Chemicals in fast food wrappers show up in human blood
*Chemicals BPA and Phthalates May be Damaging Your Arteries | Natural Society
*Study links BPA exposure in womb to behavior problems in toddler girls – The Washington Post
*Gender-bending chemical BPA ‘makes girls as young as 3 aggressive’ | Daily Mail Online
*Antibiotic OK’d for organic orchards- Capital Press
*Caught Red Handed: Pesticides in Organic Strawberry Plants
*Chemicals Found in Household Products Linked to Thyroid Disruption – nih.gov
*Relationship between Urinary Phthalate and Bisphenol A Concentrations and Serum Thyroid Measures in U.S. Adults and Adolescent
*The cocktail of up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk | Daily Mail Online
*Pesticide Residues Found in Most Apples – WSJ.com
*Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated pro… [Med Hypotheses. 2004] – PubMed result
*Barium in the Blood: Chemtrails? Version no music – YouTube
*Do Pesticides and Allergens Cause ADHD?
*Meet MSG’s Little-Known Brother
*MSG – Slowly Poisoning America



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